Below are only a few examples of how successful businesses have used the PEO service of America’s Back Office to fight wrongful termination complaints, combat erroneous unemployment charges, and much more.


EEOC Americans with Disabilities Act ViolationA former employee of a client filed an EEOC claim that the company violated multiple laws (ADA, Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, Title VII US Civil Rights Act of 1964) when they dismissed him. The claim was alleged discrimination on the basis of his gender and his disability. America’s Back Office had previously coached the client on proper documentation in disciplinary matters and had provided the forms to do so. That documentation was paramount to the defense of the alleged claims. America’s Back Office investigated and responded on behalf of the client. America’s Back Office was successful in having all charges dismissed. No lawsuit was ever filed, and no money ever changed hands.

EEOC Wrongful Termination ComplaintA logistics client in Illinois received an EEOC complaint alleging a female employee was terminated and her duties were reassigned to a younger employee. The filing alleged $120,000 in damages. America’s Back Office and their attorney investigated the claim, responded to the EEOC complaint, and requested a mediation meeting, at which time the matter was resolved for 92% less than the demand.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ComplaintA California client replaced an employee who went off on maternity leave and did not return for five months. The employee filed a complaint with the EEOC, alleging that her rights were violated under various state and federal laws. The America’s Back Office team, including our attorney, responded to the complaint with an organized trail of evidence that validated the company’s actions. A settlement was negotiated for a nominal amount and the relieved client was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Department of Labor Misclassified Employees ComplaintA home health provider received charges from the DOL alleging dozens of workers were misclassified as exempt from overtime and that the company owed over $80,000 in back wages. In addition, a reclassification of the workers would have been a fatal blow to the company operations. America’s Back Office responded on behalf of the client and proceeded to meet with the DOL investigator on numerous occasions at the client location, the DOL office, and at the America’s Back Office office to dispute the matter. The situation was resolved for $2,200 and the company was not required to change the classification of the workers.