What is an Educational Service Provider?

America’s Back Office can help you improve your public school academy’s performance through better benefits and people management practices through our proven HR Information System (HRIS). We specialize in improving staff morale through communication, responsiveness and proactive solutions. We further assist schools by allowing them more time to focus on what is most important, the students.

Strong HR Communication Model
A strong HR communication model
that provides a customized scorecard

Detailed Handbook
Detailed handbook that documents every process
and point of information needed to manage your school

Customer service support
Need to get a hold of us? We will be
located onsite or are just a phone call away

Performance Advantages Provided

Below is a small sampling of the advantages you will receive by working with America’s Back Office as your Educational Service Provider:


Certification endorsements and expiration dates are entered into our system that has 24/7 access via the internet.  America’s Back Office reports are run to proactively determine when staff need to renew their certification or licenses avoiding any lapses in certification or licensing.

Performance Improvement Plans

America’s Back Office provides training for the academy’s administrators on implementing Performance Improvement Plans when necessary. Using a “train the trainer” system the Academy’s Administrative team gain additional insightful skills that assist them in other roles within the Academy

Registry of Educational Personnel

America’s Back Office has reviewed the data previously submitted by Academy(s) and has found the reports to be inaccurate by approximately 20% of the time. America’s Back Office has trained staff at the Academy on proper reporting requirements of data and counseled the staff on time management to endure the Registry of Educational Personnel report is submitted on time.


I found nothing of even minor concern. Your record keeping and file maintenance were excellent and the school you support is an excellent example of organizational efficiency. – MiTAP Provider

Take The Next Step

To learn more about how America’s Back Office can assist your school in offering better human resource management and providing a safer work environment while being compliant with all labor and employment laws, please contact us today at (586) 997-3377 or Schedule a Consultation.

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