A PEO That Helps Pay Your Legal Fees: Our Legal Defense Fund Can Help!

When we say we’ve got you covered for all aspects of employee administration, we don’t just mean the day-to-day logistics. Our seasoned professionals are here for you, even when circumstances get sticky. Did a surprise employee lawsuit blindside you? Find yourself burdened with a catastrophic insurance claim? Don’t panic: We’ve got legal experts on hand to help you fight burdensome cases and protect your business from future harm. In addition to lending our expert guidance, we take it a step further: We’ll even help pay for your legal defense! Ask about our Legal Defense Fund and learn how to take the weight off your shoulders while keeping costs down.

Our team works both reactively and proactively when it comes to legal troubles. America’s Back Office® will set you up with a framework to minimize your future exposure to risk and liability and save you from wasting valuable time trying to keep up with a constantly changing legal and regulatory environment. If a crisis hits, we’ll stand up and fight for you:

  • If your business violates a state or federal law that leads to an employment lawsuit — we are here to help you handle it swiftly and with minimal damage to your company,
  • If your business suffers a catastrophic insurance claim — we are here to manage that claim effectively and strategically.

We know that these types of events can be devastating and strain your business financially, but they don’t have to be. America’s Back Office® can help you manage an active legal crisis and insulate your business from future lawsuits. Reach out about our Legal Defense Fund now, and rest easy knowing ABO will protect your business.