How We Can Help

We provide all the onboarding support needed to get new employees ready to work on day one. Our electronic employee onboarding system can take your firm paperless by streamline employment documents and acknowledgments. Helping them understand the company, the culture, and their responsibilities are critical to their job satisfaction and performance. We’ll also handle all the paperwork associated with getting new employees into your system and on the books.


It’s important that new employees have everything they need to hit the ground running. We can set them up with all manuals and materials they need to understand everything about their new job and new employer.


We can get your new hires into your records, time and attendance, payroll, and benefits systems quickly and easily.  America’s Back Office® can make this transition as seamless as possible for you and your new employees.

Employee Performance Management

By leveraging state of the art technology, we can help you direct and motivate your employees to maximize their talent and overall potential. Our staff will assist you with everything from performance reviews and employee development to strategies that will help you guide them to greater success.


It’s important to constantly evaluate your workers’ contributions to your company throughout their employment. We can help with goal-setting, achievement tracking, and techniques to help you evaluate progress and give feedback more effectively.


Employees at all levels or your organization will benefit from guidance and the enhanced communication between you and them. Your business can flourish when you take an active role in continually assessing and improving employee performance.