Onboarding new employees is a crucial part of the hiring process. Please make the most of your hiring process with our expertise.

How We Can Help

So you’ve gone through multiple interview rounds, wrapped up salary negotiations, and are ready to welcome a brand new hire to the family. Congrats!

We believe that bringing on a new employee should be an exciting moment for your company, not a headache. Let us take it from here: we’ll handle the grunt work associated with the onboarding process, so you can focus on getting back to business.

Onboarding and Orientation Help

We can help you start your employees off on the right foot with practical orientation and onboarding services.

Set the Groundwork For Satisfied Employees

Employees are happier and more effective when they begin their journey with a firm grasp of your company culture and core values. We’ll set them up during the onboarding process with the foundational manuals and materials they need to understand what makes your company tick and how their role and responsibilities fit into the company’s greater mission.

Make the Process Painless

We’ve given the cumbersome paperwork of the past a 21st-century makeover with our paperless electronic onboarding system, streamlines the process from start to finish. From payroll to benefits to time and attendance tracking, we’ll get your new hires set up in your records with speed and ease. With our seamless, easy-to-use process, your new employee hit the ground running on day one.

Get The Best From Your Employees, With Technology

America’s Back Office® harnesses the latest technology to guide and motivate your employees to achieve maximum success in their role. Our team will help you bring a data-informed. Still, human-centric approach to employee onboarding, performance reviews, and employee development, so you can identify and benefit from your employee’s unique strengths and talents.

Help Your Employees Grow with Your Company

Employee relations don’t stop after the onboarding process finishes. Maximizing employee success is an ongoing collaborative process between an employee and employer. We provide you with tools for goal-setting and achievement tracking, equip your team with powerful techniques for evaluating employee progress throughout their employment and give more effective feedback.

Establish Meaningful Employer-Employee Communications

People at all levels of your organization benefit from authentic, meaningful communication between employee and employer. With our custom-built processes and tools, you can take a more active role in continually assessing and improving employee performance without adding more busywork to your plate. We make it easy for you to help your employees thrive.

America’s Back Office: Your Turn-Key HR Solution

Whether you’re an HR manager in need of help or a business owner who wants to strengthen your company’s human resources element, America’s Back Office is here to help. We have trained professionals to guide you through every facet of the human resources field, from employee onboarding to benefits, labor law compliance, and beyond. We’ll take the burden off of your shoulders so you can get back to business.

Hire an expert PEO to handle all of your Human Resources, Payroll Processing, Benefits, Labor Law Compliance, and more. You manage your business; we’ll take control of the back office. Call 1-877-423-7736 or reach out today for a quote!