How We Can Help

You set the pay dates and we do the rest. Payroll reports, tax payments, and direct deposits all handled with guaranteed local, state, and federal law compliance. Outsourcing payroll can help you save time and money and reduce potential IRS penalties for late or incorrectly filed taxes or payments. Your employees will love the convenience of automatic direct deposit or payroll debit cards, and you won’t have to keep up with withholdings, W2s, or changes in tax law.


We’ll help you decide which payroll processing options best suit you and your employees. Importing payroll information to QuickBooks® or other accounting software is simple and can be provided in a usable form for your team.


View reports and other data online using our web-based system. You can easily access up-to-date tax and payroll information 24/7.


Our team is available anytime you need us, whether it’s a technical question about our software or something related to payroll. Our payroll specialists will be able to assist.


We’ll file all employment-related tax reports including W-2s, 940, and 941 forms, and collect and pay all state, federal, and local taxes on your behalf.


America’s Back Office® will handle all Friend of the Court, tax levies, and other court-ordered garnishments.


All employee records will be kept in our HRIS software. This allows for easy access and compliance with HIPAA and other Labor Laws.

State of the Art Technology

More and more businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions for their HR management. Our flexible platform provides you with the ability to access payroll, benefits, from anywhere and anytime on your device. You can also quickly create reports and from a wide range of options that will give you deep insights into your firm and employees.

Time & Attendance Solutions

How We Can Help

Utilizing the leading industry technology, we can effectively track all employee information including time sheets, paid time off, and sick days. We can provide software to accurately record employee hours that will streamline payroll and result in more effective reporting. This will also help you enforce attendance policies that can sometimes be difficult to document.


We can provide automatic employee clock-in and clock-out options that can be easily accessed online. This can help you automatically track benefits such as sick time, vacation days, and overtime more accurately.