The Fear of Lawsuits: How the ABO Legal Defense Fund Began


The Fear of Lawsuits: How the ABO Legal Defense Fund Began

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Every business owner begins their journey with thoughts of all the potential success they will have. They think of P&L Statements, hiring employees, how they will run things and just about everything else related to their business. Other than perhaps purchasing an EPLI policy, they rarely think about being sued. It seems so outlandish to many and most have the the thought that “it will never happen to me!” Like Murphy’s Law states “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.”

In the early days of America’s Back Office, David Otto never thought about it much either. He was too busy being a one-man band. He was the CEO, the risk manager, benefits director, payroll manager and processor, and salesperson. That would quickly change.

Help! We’re Being Sued!

One of the first clients to come on board with America’s Back Office was a small Mom and Pop shop. They were near and dear to David’s heart as they were literally the first company to give him a shot. One day the call comes “David, help us, we are being sued!” It seems that one employee was accused of sexual harassment! The owners, a husband and wife had 10 employees and were absolutely mortified.  David leapt to action and said “don’t worry, we have your back! We aren’t fair weather friends here at ABO. On that day, the ABO Legal Defense Fund was born. David wanted to show all his valued clients that they mattered. He wanted long term clients that he could help grow their business.

What is the ABO Legal Defense Fund?

The ABO Legal Defense Fund is like an EPLI policy. Essentially, if a valued client is following our directives and they end up being sued, America’s Back Office will put up to one year of administration fees toward the defense of the lawsuit. ABO put’s their money where their mouth is, and they stand in support of their clients’.

This lawsuit was ended quickly and oddly, it was sexual harassment between two female employees. One innocently smacked the other on the butt with a file folder after a meeting and said, “great job in there today!” Even though it was a harmless act with no ill intent, the result was a lawsuit.  Instead of these two owners having many sleepless nights and a very expensive legal bill, America’s Back Office settled the suit for $2500. The client company was given peace of mind and America’s Back Office gained a client for life. We are proud to say they are still on our client roster 21 years later. They are still a small Mom and Pop shop, but they are treated like they should be, the most important company we provide service for.

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