Control Costs

Whether you keep a simple in-house HR infrastructure or let America’s Back Office take over operations, it’ll cost you less overall. The expertise, technology, and service infrastructure we offer would be cost-prohibitive for the average business to replicate. Liabilities associated with employer compliance on the many rules and regulations you face are also greatly reduced when you partner with America’s Back Office.

Save Time

Routine and redundant administrative tasks can eat up a significant portion of every day. Handing these over to America’s Back Office will free you up to concentrate on your business.

Reduce Paperwork

Payroll, employment manuals, contracts, benefitsworkers’ comp—these are just a few of the things you’ll no longer have to distribute, complete, file, or store when you work with America’s Back Office.

Compliance Expertise

How well-versed are you in HIPAA, ERISA, FUTA, and FICA? How about COBRA, immigration, the ACA, disabilities, civil rights, fair labor standards? Staying up to date and complying with dozens of complicated federal, state, and local regulations is a tremendous undertaking, and one that can cost you if you’re less than expert.  America’s Back Office® not only mitigates risk for you, but we can offer greater protection for your employees that might not be available otherwise.

Happier Employees

Reduce turnover with a staff that feels appreciated and taken care of by the enhanced communication, benefits, training, safety, and financial perks, like discount plans and flex spending. Happy, healthy employees means increased job satisfaction and better performance. You’ll also attract better, more skilled workers when you can offer them more of what they’re looking for in long-term employment.


America’s Back Office® offers you more flexibility to configure your offerings the way you want. Payroll, benefits, etc. can be setup the way you want, not the way the system dictates, so you can provide better offerings and deliver better service to your employees.