About Us

America’s Back Office® is a Michigan-based Professional Employer Organization, known as a PEO. America’s Back Office® handles all aspects of employee administration including human resource management, payroll, employee benefits, labor law and workplace safety and risk management.

America’s Back Office® can protect small to midsized businesses from the massive amount of government regulations and the high cost of health and workers compensation insurance, which can have a devastating effect on a company’s finances.

If your company suffers a catastrophic insurance claim or faces an employee lawsuit by violating state or federal laws, either event can put a tremendous financial strain on a small to mid-size business. The time and money lost on these issues not only drains a company’s bottom line but prevents business owners from growing their business.


America’s Back Office® has trained professionals prepared to take the burden of employee administration from business owners so they can spend more time growing their business and caring for their customers.

When it comes to human resources, America’s Back Office® does it better, more efficiently and at a reduced cost.

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