America’s Back Office Is the Only IRS Certified PEO in Michigan

America’s Back Office (ABO), a human resource management company, remains the only IRS Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) based in Michigan. Small- and mid-sized businesses in Michigan can take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve their human resource services while potentially lowering their expenses.

The IRS requires CPEOs to meet exceptional standards. Before certifying an organization, the IRS reviews its tax status, background, business location, financial reporting, bonding, level of experience, and other requirements. As of June 2020, only ABO has applied for and received IRS certification.

Businesses should consider using CPEOs because the organizations offer unique benefits. For example, an IRS Certified PEO assumes all liability for the payment of federal employment taxes. If federal taxes do not get paid, the IRS comes to the CPEO for enforcement. When businesses hire Professional Employer Organizations with IRS certification, the business’s owner or board remains liable for payroll taxes. If the taxes go unpaid, then the IRS comes to the company to collect. The PEO does not have the same level of responsibility and involvement as a CPEO.

Companies that hire CPEOs retain control as employers, and they get to oversee daily operations. The CPEO acts as a co-employer that relieves companies of burdensome obligations. By accepting this role, the CPEO makes it easier for businesses to dedicate time and energy to reaching goals like improved customer engagement, increased revenues, and product development.

As the only IRS Certified PEO in Michigan, America’s Back Office can give small- to medium-sized businesses unique growth opportunities while avoiding unwanted tasks connected to human resources, taxation, and regulatory compliance.

About America’s Back Office

America’s Back Office was founded in 1999 to provide a variety of professional services to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. America’s Back Office specializes in tasks commonly performed by human resource departments, such as managing payroll, employee benefits, tax management, workplace safety programs, unemployment claims, recruiting, and new employee onboarding. The organization is also a leader in labor law compliance. The IRS has designated America’s Back Office a Certified Professional Employment Organization (CPEO). The company recently announced the opening of its new district office in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about America’s Back Office and its services, visit