Onboarding New Remote Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis: What You Need to Know

Onboard Employees Electronically

As an organization, your people are your best resource. Your employees drive the engine of business. They close the sales, make the calls, and foster the communication that keeps your organization’s products or services moving – and boosts the bottom line.

Smooth integration of new employees from day one is an integral part of the modern work cycle. Companies need to deliver comprehensive and effective training and onboarding to bring employees up to speed quickly and enable them to hit the ground running.

Today, while some businesses and organizations may be at a hiring standstill due to ongoing world events, many others are still operating – and it’s imperative (now more than ever) to keep these training and onboarding initiatives in play over a virtual medium.

New Employee Onboarding…Electronically

Outsourced electronic onboarding services (like the ones provided by America’s Back Office) can provide a tremendous boost to organizations, especially in turbulent times like these. Here are the benefits they offer:

1. Ongoing support. With electronic onboarding services, you get on-demand and ongoing support – ready to help out new employees anytime and anywhere. There’s no need to dispatch specialists to a certain location or stop and start programs. Electronic onboarding services provide the consistent, comprehensive support you need.

2. It makes future document dissemination and signing easy. An electronic onboarding service wraps all of that pesky paperwork – the stuff that can bog down internal teams – up into one neat package for the new employee to go over. Everything from tax forms to insurance documents gets taken care of in one quick, easy process.

3. It makes employees responsible for their own data, as well as the company. By using an electronic onboarding service, organizations can offload some of the burdens they carry to more appropriate parties. After all, it is your employee’s information and data; this should be an essential responsibility for them.

4. It helps to reduce turnover. Did you know that 50% more hires stay with the company when electronically onboarded? It’s true. Electronic onboarding ensures employees feel “in the loop” right from day one. They get armed with the valuable, needed information they need right from the start – providing a massive boost in efficiency. This helps your bottom line, as well. It costs from 100%-300% of an employee’s salary to replace the employee, along with the time, energy, and resources that get drained during that process. Save that money, time, and effort with electronic onboarding.

5. It saves money. Electronic onboarding helps to free up resources and save money. With the cloud-based secure data storage, organizations save money on costly document storage and technology resources. Help take those money-sucking elements off of your sheets with electronic onboarding.

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