The Problem of the Individual HR Director

In the world of PEO sales, things always come up in the HR realm that constantly teach you “once you think you have seen it all, wait, because something new will rear its ugly head.”

The realm of the “back office” or Human Resource arena is both wide and deep.  Even the most seasoned HR professionals will get stumped on how to deal with issues from time to time. That is what makes a company like America’s Back Office so valuable. The team of 5 directors at America’s Back Office has over 130 years of collective experience in the PEO industry. Instead of one person trying to wear 5 hats, we have 5 people who wear one specific hat. What sets them apart from the usual HR professional is that their depth of knowledge in their specific realm is much greater; they are subject matter experts. The problem with having one HR professional dealing with human resources is akin to the adage “a jack of all trades but a master of none.” It’s not that they aren’t good, they just can’t be deep in all areas due to the breadth of the HR spectrum.

What is the Solution?

In many small to mid-size businesses, there is usually a maximum of one or no HR professionals. If there is nobody dedicated to HR specifically, it usually falls into one or two laps; CFO/Controller or CEO/Owner. This tends to happen often and while most do an admirable job, it’s not only inefficient, it takes a key thinker in the organization and bogs them down in day to day transactional HR issues. This is a terrible misappropriation of not just talent, but money. The C Suite executives are usually highly compensated strategic thinkers who are better served doing what companies are in business to do; earn profits. You can pay an HR Professional much less to do this function or you can outsource it to a PEO. In all reality it boils down to the question of, do you do it in house and spend the money to build infrastructure and systems, or do you outsource to a turn-key solution; the PEO?

Why the PEO is the Superior Choice

When one considers the big picture, the logic behind why using a PEO is the clearly better choice when it comes to Human Resource functions becomes abundantly clear. When you hire a PEO like America’s Back Office, you are getting 50 dedicated HR Professionals who work in very specific functions. This increases both capacity and efficiency of each component. Each specific part of Human Resources, Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation, Payroll, and Benefits Administration are tended to by people who are experts in their given area. The beauty of this model is that its one vendor who knows all your processes to the letter. The PEO will do all of this tedious and cumbersome work faster, more precisely, and at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it in house.

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